What You Didn’t Know About Rehabs

Once in an alcohol detox facility, one encounters a team of dedicated, determined and highly-trained professionals who guide and help an alcoholic through the journey of detoxification and recovery. In the facility, the personnel is usually dedicated to giving their best level of attention, counselling and education about one’s addiction. There are various mental health professionals that an addict encounters in an addiction recovery and detox center. The teams work with the inpatient to their sobriety.

Behavioral Health Technician

This is a person in the detox center who works along with side counsellors and mental health experts at a detox or rehabilitation center. They are trained and accredited support staffs who give professional assistance and they’re frequently on staff at an inpatient facility day and night.

Mental Health Counselor

A professional who is specialized in assessing, diagnosing and treating mental health problems. They are at least academic holders of a Master’s degree, they have a state license and have earned experience of two in the field.  Their jurisdictions of work is often in detox centers, drug and alcohol rehabs and in sober living facilities.


This is a medical doctor who has specialized in diagnosing and treatment of mental health disorder including alcoholism and co-occurring symptoms and disorders. This physician usually focuses on the mental health elements of an addict’s recovery. They plan to recommend behavioural and medicine-assisted procedures.


A psychologist is a doctor also found in a detox facility. A psychologist is skilled and trained to diagnose and bestow treatment to mental health patients. These mental disorders could be a result of a detoxification process which causes severe symptoms to an inpatient. They don’t prescribe oral medication but instead, they treat patients by employing different solutions like cognitive behavioural psychotherapy.

Psychiatric nurse

A psychiatric nurse is special a nurse in an alcohol detox center. Commonly they are trained, skilled and certified to work along with side patients in a detoxing center and who have developed mental health problems. These nurses may also assist physicians in assessments, overseeing the detoxification step in the facility, and help to manage the patients.

Additional Alcohol Rehab Staff

These are additional support staffs in an alcohol detox facility. Alcohol rehabs will have extra support staff that are designated to address various patient needs and other additional facility programs. For instance, a detox center has an intake specialist who helps inpatients carry out check-in process to the facility. There may be also other professionals personnel who guide and facilitate several programs such as exercise session and meditation.

These are just but a few of the professionals and support staffs that are likely to be found in an alcohol detox facility. They may have different roles and distinct duties but they all work towards achieving sobriety in the patients they have in the facility.